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About FinGroup

FinGroup was founded by Dr Chow U-Jin to be the leading and trusted one-stop solution for the financial needs of the high net-worth and Singaporeans alike.

Dr. U-Jin spent 20 years culminating as a practicing doctor first, then a social entrepreneur, before being head-hunted to be a private banker. He brought his surgical skills and principles to the finance industry and is widely seen as one of the industry’s best.

In 2018, he founded FinGroup to focus on helping doctors build their wealth, protect their risks, and ensure that they leave a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

With his highly trained and competent team, he has served over 500 doctors and disbursing more than $500 million in loans, FinGroup is indeed the Doctor’s Banker.

Mortgage Loans

We help our clients manage their total debt servicing ratio, optimising tax payment and ensuring highest loan amounts at lowest rates. With access to 16 banks and over 100 loan packages, you can be sure to get the best deals for residential, commercial, and industrial loans.

Will & Legacy Planning

Not the usual Universal Life planning that you are used to, but rather the crucial aspects that need to be covered like getting your Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) done, along with writing a will and setting up family trusts so that you can preserve your wealth even after you’re no longer around.

Business Consultancy

Setting up your private medical or dental practice? Allow us to smoothen your journey every step of the way so that you can focus on delivering the best patient care possible.

Risk & Cashflow Management

We have helped many clinics and SMEs manage their business risks and optimise their cashflow for efficient and profitable practice management.

Corporate Secretary | Accounting | Tax

Setting-up a clinic or registering a company is a pretty big project involving many processes. With our team who have years of experience in the medical industry, you can be assured to let us guide you through from start to end.