Geck Huat Trading Pte Ltd

Geck Huat Trading was first set up by Mdm Tan Guan Geck in 1977. Before
setting up her first shop, Mdm Tan starting as a street vendor selling
South Asian Pickles also known ‘achar’. With Singapore government’s
relocation plan, she was given a shop to set up her store at Albert
Centre. In 2020, we opened an outlet in Burlington Square to handle our
online transactions.

Lao Ban Niang is translated to ‘lady boss’ in English. In the past and
even up till today, majority of the older aged customers would usually
enter the store and look for ‘Lao Ban Niang’ also known as Mdm Yeo, the
lady boss. In the process of rebranding, Mr Kou wanted to create a name
that was easy enough for the older customers to be able to pronounce
thus, he decided on a name that the older customers were already
familiar with – Lao Ban Niang, hoping that the brand brings familiarity
and closeness to customers.

BLK 175 #01-14 to #01-15