Unique Bedside Tables to Decorate Your Bedroom With

As a place where you keep your reading glasses, cell phones, books, water and more, a bedside table is a must-have accessory furniture.  While its utilitarian value is the main focus when you buy a bedside table, it can also add to the appeal of the décor and even become the main accent to the room.

Here are a few unique bedside table concepts you would love to experiment in your bedroom.

Single side table

When you have space constraints, going for a single bedside table is a good idea. Make sure you choose a side table that has drawers for storage so you do not cramp up the single available tabletop space with your knick-knacks.

Single large wooden table

Instead of two bedside tables, you should go for a single large bedside table. It can comfortably accommodate everything you need and still give you a neat and organized look. While you’re picking a suitable bedside table, make sure you match the colour and design of the table with other types of furniture that can be found in the room.

Niche bedside table

A niche bedside table is perfect for storing books and other items. You can place your night lamp, phone and clock on the top and other less used items in the niche below.  A table made of the same material and texture as your bed would look more coordinated and stylish.

Sleek side tables

Instead of the usual rectangular or square-shaped bedside tables, you can choose contemporary and futuristic designs that come in unique shapes.

Many such uniquely shaped tables are cleverly designed to take up minimal space and offer maximum storage. You can find such tables when you shop in reputed furniture shops in Singapore.

Mini side tables

For smaller spaces like guest rooms, attic rooms, lofts and other such restricted spaces, smaller-sized side tables are a good choice. When you choose a lightweight model, it will also be easier to move them around.

Block side tables

Bedside tables need not always be about storage spaces. A bedside table in the form of a single large block can give your bedroom a contemporary and sleek look. When you use it as an accent, it can easily brighten the bedroom and the top can be used for placing lamps, phones, pictures etc.

Multi-levelled bedside table

For a trendy look, you can use a bedside table that has two pieces. One piece is attached to the wall, while the other rests on the floor under the first piece. This kind of design allows you to utilise the space to store your laptop safely and other items securely.

Your bedside table need not always be expensive and made of wood. You can easily use items in your home as bedside tables and add your own style statement. Old shipping crates, stools, sewing machines, vintage suitcases, painted luggage, tool sets, desks and folding chairs are a few items that you can rummage from your attic or basement and use.

With some cleanup and the use of paint or polish, you can easily add a quaint appeal to your bedroom. At the end of the day, no matter what ideas you choose to include in your bedroom, you should make sure that the bedside table complements the decor perfectly.

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