Things to Do in and Around Bencoolen Street

Bencoolen Street is a street at central Singapore that begins between Jalan Besar and Rochor Road and goes up to Stamford road, Fort Canning Road and Orchard Road The road comprises many famous landmarks of Singapore include Burlington Square, Sim Lim Square and Bencoolen Mosque. This street has many hotels and it can be accessed through Bencoolen MRT Station which is located along the street.

Burlington Square

Burlington Square is one of Singapore’s well-known building. Constructed in 1998, Burlington square is one of the most impressive buildings when it comes to architecture. Surrounded by many amenities, it is located a stone’s throw away from Sim Lim Square and Bugis MRT Station.  Burlington Square has 179 units of apartments along with several BBQ units, gym, tennis courts, swimming pool and other terrace gardens. The best part about visiting Burlington Square is its food area which has many Asian and multi-cuisine restaurants. Some of the best restaurants here include Wing Seong Fatty’s Restaurant, Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant, Blue Bistro SG Café and Burger King.

Sim Lim Square

Sim Lim Square is one of the biggest electronics mall in Singapore that sells a variety of mobile phones, computers, camcorders, cameras and televisions at reasonable prices. You can also purchase second hand bargains and get your existing gadgets repaired at extremely cheap prices. It is frequently visited by tourists who wish to get an upgrade of their gadget as they can get it at a much cheaper price when compared to their home country. The mall also houses stores of brands such as JVC, Sony and Cannon. Sim Lim Square also offers free wi-fi and a variety of lucky draws with prizes such as cars, computers and cash rewards. The food variety offered here is vast and some of the best restaurants here include Manzeel Tandoor, Sleek Espresso B.A.R, Joyful Noodles, Quiznos Sub and Influx Café

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

One of Singapore’s frequently visited temples, Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho is a holy shrine of G Kuan Yin known as the Goddess of Mercy. The place is flooded with fortune tellers and other vendors selling flowers. If you want to make sure that some luck comes your way, give the statue of Buddha Maitreya a belly rub!

Bugis Street Market

Bugis Street market is Singapore’s most happening and economical place to shop at. Known as a shady hub and red-light area half a century ago, it is now famous for its swanky dining options, bars, cafes and shopping options galore. Bugis Street Market is frequented by many tourist and locals who wish to buy clothes, electronics, cosmetics, accessories and souvenirs. Located minutes away from Bencoolen Street, you can get souvenirs, postcards and keychains for as low as $1. Clothes are the most frequently bought item here. You can buy jeans for as low as $10 and shoes starting from $15. T-shirts and shirts begin from $5 and sunglasses can b shopped for as cheap as $2. This market has over 800 shops big and small and bargaining is highly recommended in this thriving market.

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