Tampines rover’s clubhouse shuts down at Burlington Square

Burlington Square shut down over rental issues

From the LionsXII, almost 9 players have been brought in by Tampines Rovers. As a result of this, their income record has seriously been shaken as they are getting ready to take on board for the 2016 S.League Title in the Great Eastern Yeo.

At the same time, it is also anticipated that the club may not be able to rely on the clubhouse interest because it gets increasingly difficult to get the squad together.

Tampines had to be forced out of their clubhouse that is located in the Burlington Square because of rental issues. It was claimed that the team owed the landlord of the area a sum of a little over $90,000. That was calculated to be a total of 3 months’ rent that had to be paid but wasn’t. Out of frustration, the landlord had even gotten in touch with and served the team with four official letters to recover the payment due.

It was later accused by the lawyer that the due payment made no particular sense as it was calculated that the club’s wages went a little over $480,000 per annum.

It was claimed by TNP that though the landlord does own the area and can issue such letters, the club players could easily issue a letter to claim ownership of their items inside the property. These items also included hefty game machines that numbered more than 10 in a collection.

When these concerns were put forth to the landlord, he deprived the media and the lawyer of a comment and in turn just stated that the legal measures had been initiated.

It was later declared by the lawyers that evidently so, the team had moved out of Burlington Square. It was also claimed that the team had somewhat been putting forth an argument that the 3-month worth rent had already been paid as per the requirements. Their claims were made on the basis of the 3-year clubhouse lease that was initiated in June the same year.

Krishna claimed that Tampines had now decided to move and change their entire clubhouse facility. He claimed the entire process to have functioned as a learning procedure for the team as they had to face the criticism and to a certain extent take ownership of the legal accusations they were being charged with. He also showed the interest of the team of conducting all matters privately and in-house. He even went on to state that the dispute, though ugly for the audience, might as well have served a rather positive role for the team.

He added that the incongruity is that they are not boosting the open door (of running a bonanza operations), however now that operations will be controlled by them, they will presumably take a gander at a take-up from that.

Clubs get up to $800,000 in yearly appropriations from the League and have customarily depended on benefits from their clubhouse operations to supplement their operational spending plan for football exercises.

In April last year, the Cheetahs were claimed to have experienced a profit that went a little over two million dollars as a result of their clubhouse operations.

In keeping with the trend of the above-discussed matter, NG’s Cheetahs were taking care of themselves well enough by calling them independent and sufficient for their own requirements.

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